VIF Project Presentation


What an amazing start into the last week of school! Together with our partner, Bürgerstiftung Berlin, we were able to present our integration project “VIF” to many press representatives at the Birkenhain elementary school. The project builds bridges between the kids of the regular classes and welcome classes, and gives them trust in themselves and in their classmates. “During the soccer- and motivational training we have especially learned something about community and team spirit”, explained the kids of the VIF-Group. “Recently, the kids could hardly be around each other, but now they encourage each other and celebrate common victories during penalty shoot outs”, summarizes the vice principal Janika Jarling. Of course this is just the beginning of this project and we are excited about many more great experiences. The Berlin based company, Schiller Burger, was responsible for a special highlight of the day. Together with the grocery wholesaler Rolof, they donated their new “Friedrich Burger” to everyone in the school. Thank you all!

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