VIF (Responsibility-Integration-Friendship)

VIF stands for Responsibility, Integration and Friendship. Our goal is to bring together children from different social and cultural backgrounds, to educate them in community responsibility and to encourage their integration e. g. with refugee children who are in the process of being granted asylum. Our main objective is to teach and educate them for better educational opportunity. Quality time among the children is important to us.

VIF- the name says it all

VIF In-school

Many elementary schools that host welcome classes for refugees are already working on programs to integrate these kids. Because of the importance to a quicker integration, we help with quality and relevant projects, exciting methods, and well educated tutors. The modules we are offering include the topics language, sports, technology, diversity, art, and nature. In all areas we want to emphasize on learning the language, social learning, team spirit, and awareness.

Integration is the most important way to keep social peace.

Sustainability, Partnerships, Support

The AFS wants to strengthen the sustainability of its VIF program. This program stands out from other nationwide initiated programs, because it aims to cooperate with already existing successful institutions. These include successfully operating community foundation Berlin, who has tremendous depth and expertise in the subjects of social commitment, refugee aid and youth work. But we also want to win supporters and partners at a political and business level in order to bring VIF long-term sustainability.



We need to build perspectives for children, to avoid exclusion and subcultures. For a peaceful and united Germany.“


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