VIF Project Presentation

What an amazing start into the last week of school! Together with our partner, Bürgerstiftung Berlin, we were able to present our integration project “VIF” to many press representatives at the Birkenhain elementary school. The project builds bridges between the kids of the regular classes and welcome classes, and gives them trust in themselves and in their classmates. “During the soccer- and motivational training we have especially learned something about community and team spirit”, explained the kids of the VIF-Group. “Recently, the kids could hardly be around each other, but now they encourage each other and celebrate common victories during penalty shoot outs”, summarizes the vice principal Janika Jarling. Of course this is just the beginning of this project and we are excited about many more great experiences. The Berlin based company, Schiller Burger, was responsible for a special highlight of the day. Together with the grocery wholesaler Rolof, they donated their new “Friedrich Burger” to everyone in the school. Thank you all!


VIF Group Visit

Today I visited one of our VIF groups at the Birkenhain elementary school. We focused on motion and stability exercises. Many thanks to Slava for his great training. The kids and I had a lot of fun. After that we went into the schools vegetable garden to observe the growing of our tomatoes.


Eat burgers and do something good in return!

Starting today, all Schiller Grill restaurants across Berlin will have the “Friedrich” Burger on the menu. With each purchase of the burger 50 Cents will be donated to the Arne-Friedrich-Stiftung. Everyone go out and give it a taste!

Neukölln: Herrfurthstraße 7, Karl-Marx-Straße 223. Friedrichshain: Rüdersdorfer Straße 70, Wühlischstraße 41. Pankow: Berliner Straße 11. Prenzlauerberg: Kastanienallee 24. Weißensee: Berliner Allee 95. Marzahn: Marzahner Promenade 10. Schöneberg: Akazienstraße 2


Starbucks Donation Boxes

Big thanks to Sascha and Starbucks for having our donation boxes. If you want to support our foundation with your change stop by at the following Starbucks stores. Our goal is to finally finance the endoscopic camera for minimally invasive pediatric surgery until the end of the year. (DHZB) And to cover the ongoing costs for our integration program VIF at Berlin elementary schools. Thanks a lot for your support.


10.000 Euros for the DHZB

Today the Arne-Friedrich-Foundation presented a check for 10.000 Euros to the DHZB. The is a major contribution to our on-going goal to purchase an endoscopic camera for minimally invasive pediatric surgery. Big thanks to all of your support and donations!


DHZB Visit

Great Playstation session with Oguzan. Good to see you again!


Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin Visit

It was a great pleasure to meet Martin, Tobias and Oguzan at DHZB today. They all had to go through tough times in their lives and it is so impressive to see how much they fight to get better. It always makes me humble and thankful and reminds me, that we should appreciate every single day.


Helmuth-James-von-Moltke School Visit

Last week I visited the Helmuth-James-von-Moltke elementary school in Berlin. The kids are very excited about our VIF program. It is so nice to see how soccer helps to connect people.


New Cooperation

We are glad to agree on a new cooperation with the elementary school in Birkenhain/Berlin-Spandau.

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