Little Hero

  • On: 15. August 2018
  • By: AFStiftung

The children’s hospice service of Caritas in Berlin supports lit ...


“High Flow Therapy”

  • On: 15. August 2018
  • By: AFStiftung

Thanks to my friend Deidre Pujuls were finally able to buy one of the ...

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Children‘s hospice „Bärenherz“

  • On: 26. January 2018
  • By: AFStiftung

Today we visited „Bärenherz“, a children’s hospice in Markkleeb ...

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Mymuesli feat. Arne-Friedrich-Stiftung

  • On: 7. November 2017
  • By: AFStiftung

In partnership with Mymuesli, I have created a new breakfast cereal ca ...

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Ways to help with VIF

We need to raise funds to cover the expenses of the various activities of our school program, including our Comic-drawing-workshops, our large-screen children’s books for group reading, field trips in the city, individual books for the participants and other educational materials.

Ways to help with DHZB

The second Blood Gas Analysis is paid off. We will inform shortly about our new project.

Ways to help with Children´s Hospice 

Only 50% of their costs are covered by insurance, therefore they are dependent on upon donations. We raise money to support their tremendous work.

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