“High-Flow Therapy”

The first days after severe surgeries are not easy. There are a lot of things to take care of. Most importantly thereby is that the patients are able to breath independently. The problem with artificial air supplied by a tube is the hygienic aspect. Despite of all care there is always a possible risk involved, i. e. lunge infections.

The „High-Flow Therapy Insufflation“ provides a constant, warm and moist airstream, combined with oxygen delivered through a thin tube into the nose. An improved ventilation of the lunges is ensured.
The advantage of the „High Flow Therapy“ is that patients are not dependent on air masks anymore which provides a better regeneration of the air passages as well as the muscles of respiration. It also decreases infections. Especially babies and newborns benefit a lot due to their sensitive bodies. Intensive care wards usually have these devices fixed at the beds. The DHZB needs portable though provided to also use them on the regular stations.

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