October 2016 | Arne-Friedrich-Stiftung


New Goal – DHZB

We want to purchase two “Blood-gas Analysis” for the measurement of important data without needing to take any blood. The repeated taking of blood is often a tear-stained torture for children. Both machines cost 25.000 Euro and we need your help to finance these important machines. Big thanks for your support!


Juve Award 2016

A great step toward equal opportunities and integration. A big thanks to all of the donors of the Juve Award 2016 for your kind support and trust in our work.


Buddy-Bear Auction

If you would like to purchase my Buddy-Bear “Arnold” come to the Mercedes-World at Salzufer in Berlin. The auction is going to be on November 15th. Big thanks to Nico Klohss who helped me to create the beautiful bear. The money is going to support our projects.


Endoscopic Camera Financed

Goal completed. Today the AFS presented a check for 7.000 Euros to the DHZB to finally pay off the endoscopic camera for minimally invasive pediatric surgery. Big thanks to all of you who made this happen! I am going to inform you shortly about our new project.

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